Mobilegeddon: Googles New Algorithm

“Mobilegeddon”, Google’s new algorithm.

There is a not so secret, secret algorithm that decides how your website ranks on a google search.  The new Armageddon world ending search algorithm is all mobile device optimize, it is Mobilegeddon.    It sounds scary and it really kinda is scary.  Mobilegeddon is targeting every single website out there, your website included.  This is one of the times Google hasn’t been overly secretive about it and they have honestly been letting us know for a while this was something coming.   They have been trying new algorithms that do different things to give the mobile device user a better experience, but recently they have been losing money to adword campaigns because non optimized sites are ranking on mobile devices, and mobile users don’t click on them.   If users don’t click, Google doesn’t get paid.  Hence a preference for the majority, and that majority is mobile devices.

Mobilegeddon, defined:

Mobilegeddon is the act of dropping site rankings on mobile device google searches based on if a website is optimized for mobile devices.  There is an easy way to see if your site is optimized, go here, and after you see if you pass the test mark three things.  1- Do you pass yes or no, 2- does your site appeal to your eyes? yes or no 3- is your site using a plugin or is it true responsiveness? yes or no. We will use and answer these three questions.   1- yes 2- no (I own the site and I am not incredibly pleased with how it looks mobile, we are in the process of redesigning it) 3-no. (but it is in the works now).  If you don’t answer yes to all three of these you need to take action.  April 21st (tomorrow) is the day of mobilegeddon, if you are just reading this it is too late to completely avoid the mobilegeddon if you answer to #1 was no.  But there are quick ways to not fall too far behind.   This being a do it yourself blog, I will tell you the things you need to do to fix these issues, depending on the yes or no answers to our questions.   If you don’t pass the mobile friendly test you will fall victim to Mobilegeddon tomorrow, how do you return from that?  I shall tell you below.

Mobilegeddon got me, my website failed the mobile friendly test from Google:

If you answered no after you plugged your website into the Mobile Friendly Test website then tomorrow your site will no longer rank on mobile searches.  This is bad, this is Mobilegeddon, but fear not there are solutions.  If you use the most common language for your website, WordPress, then you can put a band aid over Mobilegeddon.  If you use a language other than WordPress then you may still have a plugin option, you will need to check with your web developer.  Those who use WordPress, like Schrock Interactive builds, have the plugin option.  This is a quick and easy software package you can download and install on your WordPress site to make your site mobile optimized, and avoid the Mobilegeddon.  You can pick a WordPress plugin from any number of places, we like these option click here.   Since this is a D.I.Y., we assume you want to do this yourself.  It isn’t particularly hard, but it does have some step by step instructions you will need to follow.  Maybe another D.I.Y. can be how to install these.  If you can’t do it, contact your webmaster, if they charge too much contact Schrock Interactive, we will do it for $400, a one time fee.  Follow this link to contact us now.  Remember this fix you just did was a band aid, a quick fix, a way to avoid the right now problem of Mobilegeddon.  What is next?

Mobilegeddon, I have the plugin, but my site doesn’t appeal to my eye.

Well we went to the Google mobile friendly test site, and it said YES your site is mobile optimized like this. after being tested on the Google test site, Mobilegeddon

The screen you get when testing if your site is mobile friendly on Google’s test website. YES we avoid Mobilegeddon

(or you went and it said no so you followed my instructions on obtaining the band aid plugin fix and now it says yes).  So we answer question 1 with a yes, and move on to question 2.  Does my site appeal to my eye? If you answer no, and if you are using a mobile plugin to avoid mobilegeddon then your answer should probably be no if we are being honest.  ARN Networks looks like this on a mobile plugin,

Picture of ARNNETWORKS.COM as a mobile plugin, Mobilegeddon bandaid Mobile Site View, avoided Mobilegeddon but not overly pleased with the look

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