IE’s Web Development Support Makes It’s Move to Stack Overflow

After a recent blog post and announcement to their MSDN community, Internet Explorer’s Web development discussions have made a transition away from MSDN to the ever growing Stack Overflow community. This comes at only a moderate surprise as Microsoft’s OneDrive and Azure also have their discussions on Stack Overflow, though IE’s Web development discussions are the only Microsoft property to have fully moved onto a different private network. Internet Explorer’s blog has also stated their reason for the move:

“This decision reflects the belief on the IE team that Stack Overflow is not only a rapidly-growing community of broadly-disciplined engineers, but a great place to get timely and reliable support on Web standards, and cross-browser development. We are proud to sponsor the Internet Explorer tag on Stack Overflow and are joining other teams around Microsoft such as OneDrive and Azure in helping to direct our developers to the Stack Overflow community.”

Making the move was a smart decision for IE. Stack Overflow is home to millions of users and is widely known for it’s great community of helpful programmers and engineers. On top of this, Stack Overflow’s own CMS interface is coded in ASP.NET, using the MVC Framework and uses Microsoft SQL Server for it’s databases, which is a very Microsoft-friendly environment. You can read more about the IE Stack Overflow switch on Internet Explorer’s blog here: