Website Maintenance

For many of our clients, development needs extend well beyond the initial website launch. We have staff on-hand that can help you maintain and update your site so that you can deliver a relevant, up-to-date service/product for your customers.

Organizations grow and evolve over time. If your website doesn’t grow with you, you run the risk of alienating your customer base by feeding them out-of-date or incorrect information. Even if the information on your website is still correct, it may no longer be effectively engaging your audience due to shifts in consumer focus or market trends.

Because producing engaging, high-quality content is the best way to attract visitors, Schrock Interactive offers website maintenance services that cover a wide range of needs including:

  • Text Changes
  • Image Re-sizing/Replacement
  • Virus Removal
  • Coding Updates
  • Software Installs/Updates

Don’t leave your clients with static, dated content. Let Schrock Interactive help your website grow and evolve with you by performing routine website maintenance.

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