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Weeping Water Gun Club



The Weeping Water Gun Club (WWGC) is one of Nebraska’s premier outdoor shooting ranges, focusing on firearm education, training, and competition.  Despite the organization’s involvement with the Cornhusker State Games, the club was having difficulty raising awareness of its offerings.

Schrock Interactive was retained to modernize the organization’s website, www.weepingwatergunclub.com to accomplish some specific goals:

  1. Improve organic search results – Potential shooters searching for an outdoor shooting range were not being shown results from the Weeping Water Gun Club
  2. Develop a Responsive Design – The previous WWGC website was not able to deliver the club’s content effectively across all screen sizes
  3. Secure all Website Connections – Safety education and personal security is the one of the cornerstones of the WWGC mission.  The organizations original website did not utilize any encryption
  4. Showcase Competition Results – The Weeping Water Gun Club is the only place to go in Eastern Nebraska for shooting competitions.  Those competitions and the standings should be featured
  5. Use a Content Management System (CMS) – Individual members of the WWGC should be able to handle posting results, updates, images and content.


Modify Existing Website vs. Constructing New Web Presence

After evaluating the website WWGC was serving at the time we determined that the cost of replacing the website would be less than modifying their current site.

The website design and construction process took less than 8 weeks between funding and completion.


Additionally, moving them from an HTML-based website to a content management system would accomplish one of the organization’s primary objectives.

The decision was made to replace the existing HTML website with a new website based on the WordPress CMS framework. WordPress would allow quick and easy future website modifications both to structure as well as content. It also dramatically reduced the development cost of the project because our developers were able to utilize several pre-existing plugins.

Schrock Interactive directly developed a new WordPress theme that met the requirements of the WWGC. The theme is what gives the organization’s new website a clean and distinctive look.

Schrock was able to utilize much of the website’s existing content on the new website. In situations where the existing content was outdated, incorrect or incomplete, the members of the WWGC came together to provide us with new, updated content to complete the project.

What Happens Next for the Weeping Water Gun Club Web Presence?

In our conversations with the WWGC Board Schrock Interactive was clear that there is a difference between having a website that complies with all Google requirements and one that receives a lot of traffic.

The main objective of the WWGC Board was to raise the profile of the gun club and showcase its unique amenities. Schrock proposed a specific, traceable, and verifiable plan to change the organizations organic search results in the six months following the website launch:

  • Redevelop the website to bring it into compliance
  • Begin a structural SEO campaign post-launch to position the pages
  • Begin monitoring competitors in the marketplace to provide objective control measurements
  • Create pages, links, posts or other content to improve the standing of WWGC as compared to their competitors
  • Review, revise and execute on a monthly basis

Working with the WWGC Board and individual members was an amazing experience for our developers and technicians. (George spent many mornings sitting directly with our developers to get things just right)

If you enjoy firearms, competitions, or have a member of your family you would like to introduce to safe firearm handling, nobody does it better than the Weeping Water Gun Club. We look forward to working with them to achieve their goals in the years to come!