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If You Can Dream it, We Can Build It

Schrock Interactive goes beyond website design and development, offering custom software and automation solutions for desktop applications as well as web and cloud-based utilities.

Let us help you automate expensive tasks, boost productivity, reduce operating expenses, and improve accuracy by giving your staff the tools they need to get the job done.


Just about any task that is done manually can be automated to some extent. Asking your customer to input their information instead of a staff member might only save 3 minutes of labor per customer, but the aggregate savings can be thousands of dollars a year.


How much do you know about your customers?  The more you know and record, the more efficiently you can market to your existing customers.  We can create systems that predict when specific customers will want to buy or will need your services.

New Ideas

We love new and exciting ideas and can help you turn your vision into reality. We have created software to sell coaching DVDs, update software on computers, manage podcasts, and even manage financial portfolios.  Our work is confidential and you completely own all code that we create for you.

“Ideas are like rabbits.  You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”

– John Steinbeck

Some previous development we have done


The Data Recovery Technicians project involved developing a website that allowed users to submit data recovery work orders through an online portal.

It then needed to print free FedEx shipping labels and manage the data recovery process from start to finish.

Many manual processes were replaced with automation that reduced human error.

This provided customers with better communication, and reduced unnecessary human to human contact.  

These increases in efficiency made the recovery operation more profitable.

And, they allowed them to reduce their prices to end-users while providing a better overall customer experience.

Learn more about Data Recovery Technicians on their website


Drive Adviser is an application that runs on Windows PCs to monitor the health of a computer’s hard drive.  

This application interacts with the SMART information saved inside the hard drive, converts the complex data into a health percentage, and then alerts the user if the health percentage drops.

This application hooks into a cloud-based website to store each anonymized user’s health ratings.  

Emails are sent if a drive goes from a healthy status to a damaged status, and additional alerts are released if a drive’s health continues to decline.

Drive Adviser has scanned thousands of drives and saved computer users significant money by preventing expensive data recoveries.


Secure Updater is an application that runs on Windows-based computers. This software ensures third-party applications (Java, Flash, Adobe Reader, Skype, etc) are always running the most recent available versions.

This project required the development of a local client application to run on a Windows PC.

Next was a cloud-based control panel that allows staff to broadcast updates to users.

The last element was a website for users to login, purchase a license, and monitor the results of the product.

All three components had to work together seamlessly while supporting thousands of users every day. Learn more about Secure Updater at www.secureupdater.com.