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Website Maintenance & Hosting

A website only works for your company if it is current, available, and secure.

Schrock Interactive does the hard things for you and gives you the option to outsources some of the easier options or handle them yourself.

Ongoing Website Maintenance

With all of the changing technology and updates, most websites are not fire and forget pieces of technology anymore.

You can count on Schrock to stand with you through these challenges so you can focus on what you do best.

Fixed Monthly Costs

You always know what your costs will be at Schrock.

All of our rates are fixed so you know your expenses and can plan accordingly. No surprises.

Security Updates

Schrock automatically manages all content management system security updates, plugin updates, and theme updates.

Our website maintenance allows your website to remain under your control at all times.

Content Revisions

Content Management Systems like WordPress makes editing and updating your website easier than ever. 

We can show you how to do it or we can handle all the website maintenance on our end.  It’s your call!

Secure and Encrypted

Everything online is moving toward a more secure framework.

We strongly recommend our clients employ SSL encryption on their websites and email.  

Don’t worry – we can handle it for you!

PCI Compliance Issues

If you sell online, you are probably familiar with all of the PCI compliance issues involved in taking credit cards online.

We have experience handling PCI compliance scans and every website we develop is PCI compliant.

What we offer

Organizations grow and evolve over time. If your website doesn’t grow with you, you run the risk of alienating your customer base by feeding them out-of-date or incorrect information.

Even if the information on your website is still correct, it may no longer be effectively engaging your audience due to shifts in consumer focus or market trends.

Text Changes

Content is king when it comes to online marketing.

We are experts in optimizing your content for maximum exposure. Just send us your content changes and watch the magic happen.

Image Placement

Images are vital to your web presence. We are skilled in image editing, compression, and optimization.

We can update your images to enhance your web presence.

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Virus Removal

Spyware can drastically slow down your system, and it can share your personal info.

Our techs are skilled in virus removal and protection.

Software Updates

Regular computer maintenance is essential to keep your laptop, desktop, all-in-one, or Mac in good working order.

If problems are detected early, they can be corrected quickly saving you hundreds of dollars.

Our hosting packages

Whether you need a hosting package ideal for a non-profit, small business, or an enterprise, we’ve got you covered.


$20.00 per month

Small Business

$30.00 per month


$40.00 per month
  • Includes premium plugins and CDN (CDN setup costs $1k and is a one-time fee )